This series of campaigns takes place on a planet called Escona. It is a post-apopcalyptic world, set far after modern times in a universe where certain forms of magic existed. The plates shifted, the continents changed, the people have, strangely enough, not advanced all that much.

There is a supercontinent with a massive desert and mountain range in the middle, three smaller continent, and a suspiciously shaped archipelago hidden by a magically dense fog around the edges, putting off even well-traveled captains. In the not-so-distant past, the Ihela islands were a hub of trading and learning, but those days have been firmly put to rest. In this series of campaigns, communication/trade/etc has been cut off for 750 years. While it will open again in 250 more years, that fact generally doesn’t come into play.

The smaller continents are called Chulia, Maedias, and Razoth. The supercontinent Glalas consists of Irakul in the west and Vaelia in the east. Maedias is mostly made up of islands, but its mainland is connected to Glalas by a thin land bridge.

The deities and magic systems have been edited to fit within the D&D 3.5 world to rely more heavily upon those source materials and lighten the DM’s workload.


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